When Times Are Tough

by | Apr 8, 2020

When times are tough we have a choice

In how we deal with stuff

The path we pick determines if

It’s a little or a lot more rough

The harder that we stress and fight

And rail against our fate

The harder life appears to us

The more we learn to hate

But hate and fear will never get us

Where we want to be

It won’t change things that can’t be changed

It won’t help us to see

The only thing we can control

Is our own outlook on life

And we can change that if we choose

To lighten up our strife

So in each moment that we have

It’s best to look real deep

And find the buried treasure

Or the lesson we can keep

The clouds with silver linings

Are what we need to find

So we can stay strong through the tough

And keep our piece of mind

When times are tough it’s best to look

For joy and smiles & fun

To remind us of the gifts we have

On this earth under the sun

So breathe and feel yourself alive

A gift in of itself

And give a prayer of thanks you’re blessed

With this amazing wealth

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