When Life Gets Rough

by | Apr 8, 2020

Life, you know has ups & downs

Which sometimes I forget

And get all hung up in some mood

Which later I’ll regret

Why does it sometimes feel so hard

Some happiness to find

To the point that it can feel as if

I’m so losing my mind

I get all caught up in ‘the thing’

And try to think & think

Of why my life just seems to suck

So deeper in I sink

If I don’t catch my ‘chatterbrain’

From spewing out its stuff

It leads me down to misery

And life gets really rough

But if I catch my sneaky mind

And stop it in its tracks

Things can perk up instantly

And I can just relax

A hug from someone that I love

Some music, dance or song

Can flip my mood off like a switch

So joy can come along

A change from thought to action can

A lot of moods release

So gentle joy can do its thing

And life can find some peace

Cos life you know has ups & downs

And really that’s ok

As long as we switch off the chat

And allow joy to lead the way.

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