Selflessly Give Their All

by | Apr 8, 2020

To every nurse, doctor & more

Who selflessly give their all

And risk their lives for you & me

By answering this call

There are no words that can express

The gratitude, wonder, awe

That’s felt for you the whole world wide

As from your strength we draw

It’s due to you that people live

To laugh another day

The gift you give is without price

And treasured every day

For every hard exhausting shift

That you all have to bear

I thank you all & send you love

For your unending care

For all the moments that you break

And can’t take any more

I offer you my strength & hope

As you huddle on the floor

For none of us can truly know

The sacrifice you make

The love, the time, the health you give

For everybody’s sake

Again it’s true, never before

So much owed to so few

But in this war that we now face

The heroes here are you

So please accept gratitude & thanks

From hearts the planet wide

For all you give & all you save

And the care that you provide

For Angels all, you are to us

Beyond measure, for it’s true

The world will once again be healed

And it’s all because of YOU.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of groups that are raising money or donating help to Frontline workers across the globe. 

If you know of any others that you would like to see added to this list please drop me an email at [email protected] 

NOTE: BE CAREFUL! Con artists don’t stop conning because of coronavirus and most crowdfunding sites take a passive approach to rooting out scammers. While campaigns from established organizations and restaurants are likely legit, it’s harder to verify campaigns organized by individuals. So if you don’t recognize an organization or don’t know the person launching a campaign, do some research before donating.

West Australia

Buy a Meal ~ 

#feedthefrontline Perth
Buy A coffee

New South Wales

Sydney –


Adopt A Healthcare Worker – Offer help – babysitting, shopping, meals, anything you can offer as aid to a local healthcare worker near you!

WA –

South West –

Victoria –

Woolongong & South Coast 

Sydney –

Queensland –

Gold Coast – 

Rockhampton & Capricorn Coast –



Coffs Harbour –

Wagga Wagga –

Brisbane –

Canberra –

South Australia


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