I Feel Anxious Sometimes…

by | Apr 15, 2020

Sometimes I feel so anxious

I don’t really know why

But my stomach churns, my chest feels tight

And I just want to cry

There’s no obvious reason

That I should feel this way

But that doesn’t change what’s inside

As it lingers through the day

It makes me lose my temper

Over silly little things

That really shouldn’t matter much

In the greater scheme of things

I don’t know how to shake it free

This tightness in my head

I wish I could feel happy,

Joyful, wild & free instead

So now I have a path to chose

Two roads that I could take

And though it doesn’t feel like it

This is my choice to make

One road will lead me deeper

Into misery & fear

Where I feel lost, afraid & far

From all that I hold dear

The other leads to love & light

Connection, hope & trust

An easy choice? But often hard

To leave fear in the dust

A change of focus is the way

To pull me from the pit

For if I try to work it out

I’ll sink deeper into shit

A count of all the gifts I have

A home, food, clothes & more

The family, friends. The health & life

Will even up the score

A few deep breaths of cleansing air

The sign that I’m alive

The sun & rain & earth & air

All there to help me thrive

A walk or jog, a song or dance

Are also things I do

To remind me of how blessed I am

Help clear away the blue

But the thing I must remember most

When this feeling rears its head

Is not to face it on my own

But call for help instead

Cos friendship, love & community

A strong foundation build

Which help us weather any storm

When with love, our hearts are filled

I close my eyes, focus on my heart

Take a full, deep breath of air

Connect deeply to the spark of life

That quietly simmers there

And picture all the joy & love

And people in my life

That love, support & cherish me

And will help me clear this strife

So if an anxious time occurs

Where I may lose my way

There are many choices I can make

To create a better day.

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