Everyday Heroes Heeding The Call

by | Apr 8, 2020

Heroes live among us

We see them every day

The clues are in the things they do

And in the things they say

The doctors and the nurses

Who risk their all for us

Who tirelessly do their best for all

And ask for little fuss

The hoards of people who make sure

We have enough to eat

Are vital heroes that we need

To keep us on our feet

The person who has courage to

Speak up when things aren’t right

And bring attention to the wrong

Is a hero for the fight

The fight we face to make our world

A better place to be

And we all need to join this war

If change we wish to see

For we can all be heroes now

And learn & change & grow

To build a better world to last

New seeds we now must sow

The wanting, taking, greed & hate

Must now be swept away

By giving, healing, sharing care

And living a new way

So let us join in unison

A promise from us all

To live from now with only love

Heroes heeding the call