A Force that conquers all

by | Apr 8, 2020

Mamas have an inner strength

Of which they’re unaware

That surfaces in times of need

A power we can share

The warrior in us comes out

When loved ones are in threat

And we can do amazing things

Which often we forget

A mama gives unending love

And care to those in need

Support, assurance, wisdom, joy

In every helpful deed

Prepared to go that extra mile

A mama can hold strong

And be the families safe port

If something should go wrong

For we are fueled by something that

Is inexhaustible

Cos when we run on ‘Mama Love’

Our energy stays full

We share, we help, we rally round

To help our ‘village’ thrive

And build awesome communities

That are vibrant & alive

If mamas all dig deep inside

To find this source of power

The fearless strength we all possess

Can then begin to flower

It’s like a ‘force’ that conquers all

To use for all mankind

A beacon of humanity

Our culture needs to find

This power is created when

we feel a life inside

Which triggers unconditional love

An endless ocean wide

A miracle begins to form

A bond nothing can break

For the love that grows woman to child

The powerful force will make

That awesome force is you Mama

With a heart that’s strong and true

And with this force guiding your life

There’s nothing you can’t do.

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