The Mama Nation Podcast

Weekly interviews, simple strategies, action plans and all the intimate behind the scenes secrets of our failures, and successes, in raising a healthy and abundant family..

Fun, Facts, Experiences and a whole load of Support for All Mama’s

No B.S…            No BRULES…          No LIES…

The Mama Nation Podcast

On the show, Claire reveals all of her life and home experiments along her journey as a Mama discovering abundance for her family in the areas of food, fitness, mindset, money and family. Using her skills in life, and as a Primal Health Coach, she takes the science jargon out of proven strategies so her kids, and you, can play along, grow and expand themselves. Self dubbed as a #maverickmama she doesn’t mind having a say and kicking some BRules along the way.

The Mama Nation Podcast is; 

  • Published at least weekly!
  • Short episodes so you can listen and go!
  • Talk about my experiences in :
    • Food
    • Family
    • Mindset
    • Fitness
    • and more…

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