A Secret Wisdom For Rapid Mood Change

by | May 12, 2020 | Family, Focus

Wisdom is not necessarily about age, sometimes it’s about connecting with your nature or seeing it in someone else... she shared wisdom beyond her years with me the other day which...

So I was feeling really crappy the other day! Tired, short-tempered and generally just a complete grump!

When my 9-year-old daughter hit me with the most amazing thing.

It completely turned my day around and made me think about how this one thing can change someone’s mental state in an instant!

Despite my appalling demeanor and growly disposition, she decided that she was going to make me feel better.

Not by talking it through, nagging me or doing something silly to try to entertain.

No, she hit me with something much more heartfelt, profound and completely contagious.

She Smiled at Me!

The biggest light up your life whopping ‘I Love You’ smile ever…

And you know what?

I smiled back…

At first, it was small and half-hearted, but as I looked at her with this ‘Right From Her Toes’ smile I couldn’t help but be infected.

Yes that’s right.. smiling is infectious

My smile got bigger & bigger and with it changed my mood.

A shift inside me suddenly happened, I felt better, my energy lifted and my day took a significant turn for the better.


This got me thinking, about How such a small heartfelt act could have such a big effect.

So I did some research and discovered that there is actually heaps of science behind this awesome and powerful phenomenon of smiling… who knew?

Many Smiling Studies, sounds like fun hey, have been carried out about how smiles can be used to predict life happiness and even life length.

How smiles affect your mood, your brain, your health and your life is mind-blowing…

Some of the facts will amaze you like:

  • We are genetically designed to smile.
  • We are born smiling!
  • Smiling has the same social meanings and attributes across cultures and societies worldwide!
  • We are a smiling species with smiles being a frequent expression and form of communication.
  • Smiling is contagious, it is almost impossible to not respond in a positive way to a smile.
  • Smiles release chemicals in the brain that boost the mood as much as 2,000 chocolate bars…in one hit!

That’s pretty powerful stuff!


Smiling has been connected with many health benefits including help with balancing various hormone levels to combat stress, increased health and mood. These changes have also helped with lowering the blood pressure and reducing pain…

People like and trust us more when we smile, and we look more attractive to others…

Hello Gorgeous

You don’t even have to wait for someone to smile at you either!

In fact, starting the smile yourself is enough to bring on all of these benefits and make you feel like smiling for real! However, it’s best to think of happy thoughts and memories to bring out the genuine feel-good stuff!

The best thing is that You can access all of these awesome benefits and feelings for free. It’s on tap whenever you like with something that you carry around with you every day of your entire life!

Your gorgeous lips!

So what are you waiting for! Give it a go…..

Yes now…right now, I dare ya!

Turn up the corners, show us your teeth and give us a grin!


I think as a #maverickmama you know how blessed you are. You know, it’s enough to make someone smile just knowing how blessed you are and how you can bring joy to people’s lives…

Does it bring a smile to your face thinking about the feeling you have when you think of your gorgeous offspring, the joy they created in you just by being born…

Could you share your gorgeous smile? I often challenge my kids when we are out to just smile at people.

It doesn’t work on everyone, but we have a cracking great time & we feel totally awesome as a side effect! Win-win!

So how about you take this Mama Nation challenge and go outside with your gorgeous blessed gift of love and just start smiling.

Let’s see how many people can’t help but be infected by your gift…

Smile… Smile… Smile…

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