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Your Why in life should never be an afterthought, after all, it is the reason Why you even get up in the morning. What if you could create inspiration that works 60,000 times faster than any word can do...

Life is hectic isn’t it?

There’s always so much to cram into every day just to keep your head above water!

And how do you remember all the things that you need, and want to do, to achieve your goals?

Trying to keep all that stuff in your head just doesn’t work, there is just too much information.

My mind just explodes thinking about it all, never mind trying to organise it.

Even more importantly though is that with all this going on inside our head how do we find the mental energy to remember the things that inspire us.

The reasons Why all the other lists exist…

Your Why..

The truth is you probably don’t.

Which is why your focus is distracted and often your goals, inspiration, and motivation takes a back step to the daily urgent tasks.

So what’s a gorgeous #maverickmama with places to go things to achieve, going to do to keep herself on track, focused and reminded every day of her purpose…

Her Why…

Turn Your Space Into An Inspiration Artboard

Your Why in life should never be an afterthought, after all,

It is the reason Why you even get up in the morning!

Even if you put it into a list in a diary or notebook unless you actively remind yourself of it everyday day, it rarely actually achieves its purpose.

The fact is that humans struggle to retain and recall words, or lists of words, for any length of time..

Even if you remind yourself regularly of the list.

In fact, we process visual images 60,000 times faster than text, and images are much more easily retained and recalled than words.

Plus images can be linked to other sensory memories like smell and touch, which can quickly trigger emotional responses like joy, happiness or love.

I mean I can recall the images of all the various homes that I have lived in over the years. What they looked like from the road, the carpet inside, the pictures on the wall, the smells that can from the kitchen and even some of the people that I had some great times at those places with.

Even though I struggle to remember the addresses of most of them!

SO What feels more real, inspiring and memorable to you?


Or Maybe This…

Whats great is that the images and experiences you have on a day to day basis can be great triggers for the ‘Inspirational Art Boards’ that you regularly expose yourself too.


In fact they have the power to trigger a reflection of those things super important to you about 60,000 times faster than any written word alone.

So using images to trigger the thoughts and feelings you want to have in your day, Your Why, can not only help recall them faster but..

With all the emotional attachment you need to achieve your Desired State of Inspiration.

So you if put images in your diary, on the bathroom mirror, or even on the dashboard of your car with inspirational quotes, empowering pictures, beautiful lyrics, important goals, and values, just imagine what kind of mental emotions could be triggered every single day.

Images are a beautiful and powerful reminder of what you want your life to look like and Why.

They are a great way to set yourself up for success and happiness.

What’s key is that each picture you use means something special to You.

It creates the emotion and feeling in you and reminds you in a glance why you want to achieve something.

  • A picture of you when you felt great, happy, strong fit to help you recall and feel those feelings again.
  • A Magazine spread of a holiday you are working towards as a reminder why you are saving and not spending your hard earned cash!
  • A Woman you aspire to be like, to remind you to push that bit harder every day.
  • An advert for a class or event you want to attend, so you don’t go impulse shopping on Amazon!
  • Pictures that trigger in your mind how you want to feel, eg. A calm meditating lady on a wooden jetty overlooking a lake. If mindfulness is a goal.

You get the idea.

Learn to Trick Yourself Towards Good Thoughts & Habits

When you associate your pictures with the behaviours and reasons Why you want those things, you boost the effectiveness of those pictures.

They become more than just pictures.

They become positive emotional triggers.

They become a Call to Action, a motivation.

You can then use them as tools to spur yourself on every single day.

Let them help initiate the changes in your life that will get you where you want to go!

Make Imagery a Habit

Repetition is the Mother of Learning, which basically means the you expose yourself to these images of inspiration, the more you will start to learn and absorb the beliefs you have on or in them.

So to boost the effectiveness of your pictures you can build inspiration’ moments into a habit you already do regularly.

For example turn brushing your teeth into your new ‘inspiration’ moment.

Twice a day when brushing your teeth, check out your pics and go over in your mind what they mean to you, Why they are Important, what emotions do they have for you and what actions you are taking because of them…

Other moments in your day might be while sitting on a train, stuck in traffic, listening in on a conference call, doing your make-up, waiting for a bus…

The list and opportunities go on…

Repetition is the key to change and growth, she is your mother of learning…

So How to Get Started

Let’s Get Imagineering! Let’s Get Decorating!

Think about what you want to achieve and feel like in your life, things you want to do and why you want to achieve them.

Then find pictures that bring these things and feelings to life.

Put them everywhere you can! Then connect them into daily habits and start creating ‘inspirational’ moments on your way to success.

Vision boards when linked with a practice of gratitude, reflection and action can set yourself up for success.

Once you’ve put together your place or places, then take a pic and share it with us.

Post up your artwork and tag us #maverickmama so that we can all share the love and inspiration!

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