Instant Energy Boost & Stress Relief for Mamas

by | May 20, 2020 | Family, Fitness, Focus

Here is an awesome fun & quick tip that will blast the blues away and leave you feeling pumped, uplifted & ready for action. Plus it’s a great quick way to build connection with your kids...

So, being a working entrepreneur dancing mum has it’s unique challenges!

When the kids are at school the home is quiet so I can blast on with things, unless I get the solitary slump that can happen when you’re on your own all day.

Then when the kids come home and there is so much to do, work, activities, homework, dinner, the house can get a bit loud and tense.

So life can be a bit of a yo-yo of trying to either rev myself up or calm myself down at regular intervals!

So what’s a gal to do?

Now I love meditating, especially at night before bed, but in these situations it just doesn’t cut it for me!

I need something that’s going to create an instant state change. A blast of energy and rush of those happy endorphins to flood my senses creating instant mood change.



‘Happy what?’ you may be asking.

Endorphins are neuro-chemicals, produced mainly in the brain, which can help reduce feelings of pain and stress levels. They can also increase feelings of euphoria (happiness) in the body plus have a positive effect on energy levels and the immune system response.

Basically they are natures way of making us feel good! If you know how to tap into them.

In the chaotic situations in my life, I needed to work out how I could naturally tap into this source of energy and wellness so that I could create a quick mood and energy change.

I discovered there is a number of ways to alter the level of endorphins released into your body.

But the number one way makes me smile all day…

You see the quickest ways to create a quick mood change, say from sad or frustrated to happy and energised, is to create a physical change.

To Move Your Body

And best of all a huge mood and energy change can occur in less than a minute..

But often goes on for 3 to 6..

Plus it’s awesome fun!


Nothing brings out the happy endorphins more than a good singing and dancing session to a heap of absurd songs that just make you want to smile, laugh and groove.

From The Twist, Dancing Queen, the Macarena and I’m a Barbie Girl, to Bob the Builder, Jingle Bells, YMCA and anything else you come up with.

So Try this…

  • Create a list of ‘silly’ songs that just make you laugh, smile and move. Maybe they are from your childhood, times at school, with friends or those which just bring back great memories.
  • Crank up the volume loud.. If possible, so that you can almost feel it around you.
  • Get Your Boogie On. Just go for it and Dance with all your might. You have 3 minutes to let rip with everything you have, this is just pure fun.

Dance Dance Dance 

The moving and jiving around will release an abundance of energy and pent up frustration and stress lurking in your muscles, and help trigger that endorphin release which will start to change your mood.

The silly songs will also bring a gorgeous smile to your face at very least, if not a rip-roaring giggle session (especially if done with kids).

The two combined will flood your body with those awesome endorphins making you feel great,  rejuvenated and more energised to carry on with the next phase of your day.


This one is just too simple not to do it right now.

Especially seeing as you carry music around with you every day. So let’s take full advantage so you can do this whenever the need arises.

  • Create a specific ‘Silly Songs Rush’ playlist of golden oldies, kids songs, party mixes and another music that instantly brings out the ‘ridiculous’ in you. Save it across all your devices so that whenever the need arises you can blast it out and brighten your mood anytime with your twisting and wiggling.
  • Share it with your friends so that they can all join in the fun!
  • Record a video of you and your mates ‘getting your silly on!’ and tag us in it #maverickmama so that we can join in the fun!

The best thing is that after you do this enough, just the sound of one of those songs will start to trigger those happy feelings. It’ll get those endorphins running around your body and even cause involuntary foot tapping, swaying and sometimes outrageous walking styles.

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