How I went from a self-conscious, stressed and unprepared newbie mama with a lost identity to a #MaverickMama driven by love for my children and an uncompromising passion for health and well-being with a total disrespect for conventional wisdom and the BRules of modern life.

Maverick: noun: nonconformist, unconventional

a person who thinks and acts in an unconventional, independent manner,

often behaving differently from the expected or usual way. Individuals who prefer to blaze their own trails.

Mama Hood Started Like a Raging Tornado

I didn’t land softly into the throws of mamahood from my career on stage. Instead it exploded upon me like a raging tornado. PSD, emergency caesarian and more than my share of shit and complications, hurled my plans out the door and turned my life into utter chaos.

Battling my own whits and demons, I become stressed as I struggled to find my identity and power as a mama of two who only knew herself as a performer. I felt lost and alone, unprepared, self-conscious and scared. What’s worse, I was ungrateful. I’d been blessed with two gorgeous and healthy children and all I saw was the jobs cooking, cleaning and the endless laundry.

I hated feeling this way, it felt all completely wrong. No bigger joy and love have I felt than having my new born baby girl laid on my chest the night of her birth. But now I was resentful and angry. But not even at them… But at Me! I knew something had to change.

Then one day when my independent little girl was about 3 years old, an argument erupted that led to words and actions that I’ll never forget and always regret. This included having a full shampoo bottle hurled at my head, which connected and knocked me flat on my butt…

A very Raw and Real Truth hit me… Like a punch to the chest that sucks your breath away… In my deepest heartfelt and aching tears that followed I realised I was becoming everything I didn’t want in a parent for my children… In sacrificing my everything for my children I was creating resentment and anger and then sedating it with mother’s groups and coffee mornings. Totally sabotaging that loving and nurturing environment I wanted to create for us. I knew this wasn’t what I’d signed up for, not like this.

Right then I decided something had to change

I Discovered that Being Me and a Mama are Not!  at odds with each other

I decided I needed to do something, to grow and change. To learn and apply as much and as fast as I could to prepare myself for each, and every changing phase of life I was to face as a Mama, Wife and Woman in today’s world.

Since this day I’ve continued to grow and expand and in doing so have discovered a few key truths.

First is that the BRules of convention have done nothing but hold me back, made me sick and unhappy. Secondly that my own beliefs are what matter. Only the limits I place on myself will determine how great I can become and Finally, that growth is vital to expansion and happiness.

I’ve come to explain the journey of my life to be like a rising spiral through which I experience the phases and stages of life as an Woman, Wife and Mama. At each stage I’m am challenged to grow across 5 key areas, I’ve dubbed these my 5 F’s. Focus –mindset and habits. Fitness – body and power. Food – nutrition, energy and inner health. Fortune –financial and intangible wealth and Family –relationships in the home, in the community and beyond.

My journey has only just begun but I’ve learned a lot along the way which I believe can help other #MaverickMama’s just like you who’ve had enough of the BRules, the conventions of life, limiting beliefs and of standing still being too scared to grow like I was.

Tell Me.. Can you relate?

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Be warned it can be scary letting Your Crazy Loose and pushing outside of your comfort zone, but that’s where the magic happens.

I’ve been known to call bullshit to family and friends who won’t have a go… but you know what it’s F&^king worth it. 

Plus right here you’ll have a nation of mama’s right beside you challenging you cheering you on!

The Mama Nation Podcast

On the show, Claire reveals all of her life and home experiments along her journey as a Mama discovering abundance for her family in the areas of food, fitness, mindset, money and family. Using her skills in life, and as a Primal Health Coach, she takes the science jargon out of proven strategies so her kids, and you, can play along, grow and expand themselves. Self dubbed as a #maverickmama she doesn’t mind having a say and kicking some BRules along the way.

The Mama Nation Podcast is:

  • Published at least weekly!
  • Short episodes so you can listen and go!
  • Talk about my experiences in :
    • Food
    • Family
    • Mindset
    • Fitness
    • and more…

‘Kids’ They say...

“Cos from a child a naughty act
Is a cry for a helping hand
They have big feelings they can’t hold
And need you to understand”

No Regrets...

“Cos time is short & precious lives
Should be cherished without doubt
So have a think, would you regret
Your life when time runs out?”

Slow Down Mama...

“Please slow down Mama
Life’s whizzing by too fast
Those precious moments with your kids
Were never built to last”

My background

In 2008 I became a Mama and my whole life changed. But my journey towards health and abundance started well before that.

Here’s some highlights.


  • 10+ years Professional Dancer (+10 years in training)
  • 20+ years Professional Vocational Dancer Teacher
  • Certified Spanish Dance Teacher (Flamenco IDB1&2)
  • Certificate in Sports Massage
  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition
  • Mama of two independent kids, girl and boy!!!
  • Women and wife to a loving husband
  • Child mentor and counsellor since 2008 (aren’t we all)
  • Child and family nutritionist since 2003 (aren’t we all)
  • Certificate in Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Certified Primal Health Coach

My mission

  • To Learn about all the things in life that people truly need to be happy.
  • To Discover the things that I can do to help me and my family feel energized and strong.
  • To Explore ways to stay in harmony with myself, my moods and behavior so that I can shape them to my desire to live from the heart.
  • To Experiment with ways which help my family to work together as a team in harmony.
  • To live a life of Addition, by adding new things into my life that help my body to be the healthiest version possible to live long, full of strength and fitness.
  • To Create simple strategies that instill simple habits into my everyday life, so that I can live everyday towards the life and the ME of my dreams, and Finally
  • To Document my journey, Real and Raw, Wins and Losses, Failures and Successes, so that I can help other Mama’s become everything they want and to support abundantly healthy lifestyles for all our Families. 

Some Poems To Enjoy