Hey MaverickMama

Hi, I’m Claire.

I crash test the new ways for Busy Mamas to live to their Power Cycles™ while creating health, wealth and joy for themselves and their families.


Join me and other @MaverickMamas as we challenge the BRules of conventional life by living aligned to our Power Cycles™ honoring the Wonderful Woman we are, and creating abundance and a new vision for Mamas in the world.


Stress Busting Cheatsheet

Bust Your Stress Levels So You Can Create A Life Of Amazing Moments With Your Kids

In only a few minutes you are going to discover:

  • How  to stop flipping out at your kids because you’re stressed
  • 7 Stress Busting habits every Mama needs and why
  • How to put these habits into action immediately so you can start to enjoy magic moments with your kids.

About Claire

Primal Health Coach & Women’s Power Cycles™ Coach

During my journey into motherhood I have gone from a self-conscious, stressed and unprepared newbie mama with a lost identity.. To a #MaverickMama with a deep connection to my Power Cycles, driven by love for my children and an uncompromising passion for health and well-being with a total disrespect for conventional wisdom and the BRules of modern life…

“Mamas Are The Greatest Force for Change In This World”

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When Life Gets Rough

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